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Google AdWords Videos: 20 PPC Videos to Help You Learn How to Use AdWords

January 31, 2011

If you're new to AdWords, the platform can seem overwhelming, and like anything you'll likely look for help in the form of forums, tutorials and books. There are a lot of great training programs (like PPC Blog and Certified Knowledge), a number of excellent books (like Brad Geddes' Advanced Google AdWords and David Szetela's Pay Per Click Marketing an Hour a Day), and of course AdWords' own help resources.

One challenge people new to AdWords sometimes face is that the help materials can be a bit dry, and the complexity of the AdWords platform can be a bit intimidating. As a result a lot of times videos can be a good way to get going and can help you understand how your ads are served. Once you understand the basic idea behind pay-per-click marketing these videos will help you to get a more thorough understanding of how AdWords works and how to use the interface.

List of PPC Videos to Watch:

Getting Started with AdWords: The First Five PPC Videos You Should Watch

One of the most important factors in being successful at PPC is understanding exactly what PPC is and how the auction works. Hal Varian has some excellent videos detailing what factors Google looks at in ranking ads and charging you for clicks, and Google has a very high-level overview of what AdWords is and how to get started.

How to Get Started with Google AdWords Video:

Introduction to the Ad Auction Video:

Google AdWords Bidding Tutorial Video:

And once you have a basic understanding of how Google is displaying ads, it's valuable to take a look at how best to find your way around the interface:

And finally you'll want to understand the difference between search and the content network, and exactly what the content network is:

Pulling reports in the New AdWords Interface

An important component to a basic understanding of the AdWords interface is being able to navigate the new interface's reporting system. Brad Geddes put together an excellent video on getting the most out of reporting opportunities in the new AdWords interface:

Now that you know your way around a bit, we'll introduce you to a collection of videos about different tools and features from within the AdWords interface. Be sure to view each with an eye towards whether this AdWords feature is for you.

AdWords Videos of Tools & Features

Below is a collection of some of the niche tools and special features you can access from within the AdWords interface.

The AdWords Display Ad Builder Tool Video:

The AdWords Contextual Targeting Tool Video:

Google AdWords Enhanced CPC Video:

AdWords Product Ads Video:

AdWords Automated Rules Video:

AdWords Campaign Experiments Video:

AdWords Targeting & Placement Tools Video:

AdWords Editor Video:

AdWords Ad Extensions Video:

AdWords Search Funnels Video:

The AdWords Opportunities Tab Analyze Competition Video:

Google AdWords My Client Center (MCC) Videos:

Going Beyond How to Use Google AdWords Videos

As we mentioned, this collection of AdWords videos is a nice starting point, but once you understand how the interface works you'll want to better understand how to put those best practices in motion. You can learn more about how to not only use the interface but also get better ROI from AdWords by leveraging the books and forums above, leveraging some of WordStream's own learning materials, or possibly trying some software. Whichever route you take it's important to remember that just being able to navigate the interface is just a first step in learning Google AdWords.


Daily Digest for January 31st | A Blog by John A. Lee
Jan 31, 2011

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David Szetela
Feb 01, 2011

Thanks for the shout-out, Tom!

Alec Difrawi
Feb 01, 2011

Thanks for organizing all these videos for people like us.

Jennifer Mo
Feb 02, 2011

This is a great resource, Tom. There are a few videos I haven't seen. I'm including it in my weekly PPC round-up!

Tom Demers
Feb 04, 2011

 @David - No problem!

@Alec & @Jennifer Thanks for the kind words! Jennifer I'll keep an eye out for the round-up thanks!


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Jun 20, 2012

Thanks Tom,

I took time to find this blog. But these videos is going to help my team who is new to adwords.

Dec 06, 2012

Thanks for the post!  I've just started my adwords training in an attempt to get certified.  How well would you rate the above in terms of helping to prepare for the certification exams?  I'm assuming that this is not all inclusive, but it would be nice to gauge where going through all of these would put me.




Jan 25, 2013

Thanks for the great videos! FYI - there are a few that are no longer available. 

Collin Davis
Oct 04, 2013

This is really great. I have been scouring the web for PPC videos and either they are paid or arent' organized in a way that makes you want to go through. Especially the Google Adwords training is way to massive and intimidating for me.

I haven't gone through the videos you mentioned here but at least glancing from the topics, I can make it that it is good piece of information.

Thanks a lot for sharing this.


Collin Davis

Jun 25, 2014

Great post and very creative. Thanks..

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