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How to (Really) Compete in Facebook Ads: The 9-Point Playbook

Take hold of your strategy, take on privacy, and then take down your competitors.

Kristen McCormick | November 21, 2022 | Facebook Ads

AdWords Experts Share the Secrets of Their PPC Success, Part 14

Get tips for optimizing your Google PPC campaigns, including expert strategies for how often to make changes and what metrics to focus on.

How to Create a Google AdWords Text Ad

Get tips on creating new AdWords text ads from within the Google AdWords interface, as well as ad copy best practices.

Ultimate Guide to Creating & Analyzing Google AdWords Ads

Learn how to create highly effective Google AdWords text, image and display ads as well as how to analyze and improve your ads in this AdWords guide.

AdWords Experts Share the Secrets of Their PPC Success, Part 13

I have been using AdWords for more than 6 years now. I have also specialized in SEO and SMM. At Alensa, where I have worked for the last 2 years, we are not using an agency as our products are very specific and writing good ads for them requires additional knowledge of the products.

Guide to Google AdWords Advanced Settings

Learn how to optimize the Advanced Settings in Google AdWords, including scheduling, ad delivery, demographic bidding and social settings.

Adwords Voucher – 20 Google AdWords Vouchers worth $2000 in Total

20 Free Google Adwords Voucher Codes worth $100 each, and 20 Priceless AdWords Tutorials.

Larry Kim
December 30, 2011 | Paid Search Marketing

Guide to Google Ads Networks & Devices Settings

Learn how to optimize the settings in the Google Ads networks and devices settings menus in this quick guide.

Tom Demers
December 29, 2011 | Paid Search Marketing

11 SEO Tips for Optimizing for Local Search

Optimize for local search- here are 11 tips you can use to optimize your pages for local searches.

Megan Marrs
December 27, 2011 | Local Marketing

9 Tips to Create Awesome Content that Is Easily Discovered

Need help getting your content to rank for SEO? Learn nine tips that can help boost your content's ranking in the SERPs.

Megan Marrs
December 21, 2011 | Content Marketing

Guide to Google AdWords Bidding & Budget Settings

Learn about the various ways to manage bids in Google AdWords and when you should choose to focus on clicks versus conversions versus impressions.

Tom Demers
December 19, 2011 | Paid Search Marketing

AdWords Experts Share the Secrets of Their PPC Success, Part 12

I have been using AdWords for about three or four years. Right now I am working as an in-house SEM manager for a company that sells products for hazardous material storage. I am also responsible for the foreign group companies in 11 different countries.

Guide to Google AdWords Language & Location Settings

This is the second post in our series on Google AdWords campaign settings. In the first installment, we talked about how to name and organize your Google AdWords campaigns. In this post we’ll focus on locations and languages settings within the AdWords settings tab.

Tom Demers
December 15, 2011 | Paid Search Marketing

AdWords Experts Share the Secrets of Their PPC Success, Part 11

Read one PPC rockstar's expert advice on how to optimize Google AdWords performance.

Google Ads Campaign Best Practices: How to Name & Organize Campaigns

Learn tips and best practices for organizing and naming campaigns in your Google AdWords PPC account.

Tom Demers
December 12, 2011 | Paid Search Marketing

PPC Budgeting Best Practices for 2012, Part 2

We just released a new, free white paper for search engine marketers: "PPC Budgeting Best Practices: 10 Tips for Setting Your 2012 Budget." You can read Part 1, which includes the introduction and the first tip, in yesterday's post. Below you'll find tips 2-5.

Google AdWords Settings: The Ultimate Guide to the AdWords Settings Tab

Over the past few months we’ve been walking through several areas within the AdWords interface in great depth. We started with Google AdWords Ad Extensions and most recently wrapped up a series of posts on Google AdWords Reporting with the Dimensions Tab. 

AdWords Experts Share the Secrets of Their PPC Success, Part 10

Interview with AdWords Expert, Jez Rourke-Pilott on the secrets to his adwords success.

Google AdWords Call Tracking Reporting: The Call Details Report in the Dimensions Tab

Learn all about the Call Details Report in the Dimensions tab in AdWords, including when and how to use it to improve PPC performance.

Tom Demers
December 1, 2011 | Reporting & Analysis

AdWords Experts Share the Secrets of Their PPC Success, Part 9

In addition to Internet marketing, I have over 19 years of traditional marketing experience – managing annual budgets exceeding $10 million.

Elisa Gabbert
November 29, 2011 | Marketing Ideas

Free Clicks? The Google Ads’ Free Clicks Report in the Dimensions Tab

Learn about the AdWords free clicks report in the Dimensions tab -- are these really free? Are they even clicks?

Tom Demers
November 28, 2011 | Reporting & Analysis

Using Excel for Google PPC: Fun Stuff and Hard Stuff

Learn how to use Excel to make common PPC tasks easier, including writing PPC ads and estimating profits and losses. Includes 2 free downloads!

AdWords Experts Share the Secrets of Their PPC Success, Part 8

At Quarry, I’m responsible for both digital and traditional media strategy, including PPC advertising. I’ve been using AdWords since 2005. A lot has changed since then, and the tools available have become better and more numerous.

Automatic Placement Report: How to Report on Automatic Placements in the AdWords Dimensions Tab

Learn how to use the automatic placement report in the dimensions tab in AdWords to analyze and improve your Google PPC campaigns.

Tom Demers
November 21, 2011 | Reporting & Analysis

What Do Adult Sexual Services Have to Do with AdWords?

At first when you see “Adult sexual services” you think someone has successfully spammed the results with white text on a white background or some such old-school black-hattery.

Elisa Gabbert
November 18, 2011 | Marketing Ideas

How to Get the Most Out of the Search Terms Report in

Learn how to use the search term report in the AdWords dimension tab to analyze the search queries driving traffic in your Google PPC campaigns.

Tom Demers
November 17, 2011 | Reporting & Analysis

How Does the Google Ads Auction Work? [Infographic]

This infographic illustrates how Google Ads works, including an explanation of how advertisers can win the Google Ads auction.